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Per Tornvig
CEO & Partner
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What used to take half and whole hours, now takes half and whole minutes

Easier and better reporting of key figures takes a long time to find – if it exists at all. What used to take half and whole hours, now takes half and whole minutes. Using an incredibly easy and fast plug-and-play integration to our ERP and finance system, GoSimplo was set up and connected in seconds.

After this, it is lightning fast to create, for example, new intervals and other variables, which provide insight into the key metrics in the organization across our different types of data. With GoSimplo you get a unique overview of what matters to the business. Neither more nor less. It's almost magical.

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Rasmus Brostrøm
CEO & Partner
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GoSimplo gives us the necessary insights and overview we need to run our company

We have been looking for a solution that can help us form a brief and concise overview of our financial metrics for a long time. It has been a challenge for us to find a system that matches our needs without being overly complicated.

GoSimplo has a good interface that gives us the necessary insights and overview we need to run our company. We were told that it only took 5 min. to get up and running, but it actually took 9 minutes… quite impressive! I must say that it is extremely intuitive to use, and we can see the necessary KPIs and understand the data easily and elegantly without having to spend much time on it.

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Team Performance

Understand employee workload and performance. Get crystal clear visualization with digital dashboards - it has never been easier to keep track of your most important asset - employees, and understand if they are delivering as expected.

The staff dashboard, which links to the features page
The client dashboard, which links to the features page

Dashboard Reporting

Keep track of revenue, billable hours, true hourly rates and much more. GoSimplo is a powerful digital dashboard tool, which enables you to monitor progress towards revenue targets and reveals the high and low earners among all clients.


Financial KPI Reporting

Making the reporting and analysis of financial KPI's straightforward. Stay on top of your financial status with GoSimplo - it has never been more simple. Our executive dashboards help you see performance versus budget, the cash situation, which clients owe you money, and how many days go by before they actually pay.

The finance dashboard, which links to the features page
The client dashboard, which links to the features page


Tired of long project lists with tons of irrelevant data? Then spoil yourself with GoSimplo’s all-in-one-page overview of everything worth knowing! Or are you missing the complete and graphical overview of a single project?

Easily monitor progress of ongoing projects and evaluate the closed ones. What went wrong and where did we stand out?

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And we love simple things! We are set out to help project-based companies gain the business insights they deserve. With our automated solution, we have removed the pain of reporting for every company out there.

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