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Visualize your business performance

Make smart
decisions faster

Visualize the most important performance metrics in your company

GoSimplo lets you tap into and utilize the data you already have in multiple systems. Simply press the button and get the operational and financial data you need to track and present your business performance in a first class dashboard.

Why complicate things when you can GoSimplo?


Employee performance metrics

Track staff productivity

With GoSimplo you can easily track, visualize and evaluate employee productivity and workloads. Your team is the most important asset, so you want to have the full picture, simple and fast.

Our dashboards lets you dive into the details of a single employee while providing you with the overview you need to make the right decisions. For the good of your staff performance and your business profitability.

Client performance metrics

Simple and powerful client insights

What if you knew exactly which clients generate the highest income for your business, or which ones secure high hourly rates? Or even spend the most of your staff's time?

Of course, you want to help your clients. But you also need the insights to make sure you run a profitable business. With GoSimplo’s dashboards you get the performance overview you need to make strategic decisions based on data, so you can focus on the clients that support your business the most.

Financial performance metrics

All-in-one financial reporting

Our clear visualizations make it easy to create highly professional finance reporting with only a few clicks.

With a visual presentation of your profit and loss (P&L), revenue performance, cash trends, and payer insights, all your basic needs are covered when you want to communicate performance to stakeholders.

Project performance metrics

The big picture of your projects

From complexity to simplicity. With our all-in-one-page overview you will not miss out on information!

Easily monitor the progress of ongoing projects and evaluate the closed ones. What went wrong and where did we stand out? Unlock the potential of your data.

GoSimplo today.

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