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Tech veterans and young guns - we write the best code and design the coolest product.

Why do it complicated when you can GoSimplo?
We live and breathe for the simple life!

Mission statement

We are set out to help project-based companies gain the business insights they deserve. With our automated solution, we aim to remove the pain of reporting for every company out there.  

We specialize in Business Intelligence for SMEs, dreaming of a better and intuitive reporting solution for smaller companies. GoSimplo connects disjointed systems and provides a single source of data insights with cool visualizations.  

Our mission is to provide the same tech and insights driven by AI/ML that large companies gain an edge from and make this available to smaller companies. We simply want to democratize data-driven, intelligent and predictive reporting!

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Save time

Save time with a fully automated solution, enabling you to focus on other tasks that drive value for the company.

A one-stop actionable data overview

GoSimplo is the one-stop tool for financial and operational data, that everyone can access in real-time.

Just get to work

We have removed the complexity of making proper data visualizations - and simply made them for you. A few clicks and you are ready.

Save money

Save money on consultants and system development and focus your efforts towards billable activities.

Easy and transparent pricing

GoSimplo is a big asset to your company except when it comes to pricing.

Cancel anytime

No long commitment here - try GoSimplo for free and cancel your subscription anytime.

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